Preliminary statistical analysis of data from the Ontario special rope tests on mine-hoist wire ropes

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 871, 1984

RICHARD L JENTGEN and RICHARD C. RICE, Battelle Columbus Laboratories, GRANT L ANDERSON, U.S. Bureau of Mines

Data for underground mine-hoist ropes determined in the Ontario Special Rope Tests were obtained, encoded and analyzed statistically. Prior to refined statistical analyses, these data were subjected to characterization studies and preliminary analyses to allow trends to emerge that could be used to guide and facilitate the refined analysis. The data were characterized by determining distributions for a wide range of variables including remaining strength, service life in terms of time and hoisting cycles, outer-wire torsion values, elongation during tensile testing, diameter reduction, location of strength loss and the strength losses associated with corrosion rating and lubrication rating. This paper describes the more important relationships between remaining strength (or, conversely, strength loss) as the dependent variable and some of the principal independent variables mentioned above.
Keywords: Equipment, Maintenance, Wire ropes, Mine-hoist ropes, Underground mines, Ontario Special Rope Tests