Preliminary evaluation of the methane production potential of coal seams at Greenhills Mine, Elkford, British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 871, 1984


Methane emission and the desorption characteristics of vertical borehole coal samples of Greenhills multiple seams in the vicinity of Elkford, British Columbia were investigated. Three vertical boreholes at depths of 335 m, 380 m and 395 m were drilled along the west wall of an active open pit mine and 44 core samples from various coal seams were obtained for desorption studies. The results are presented in three tables and illustrated with six figures. The methane content was found to increase significantly at depths greater than 200 m. The adsorption equation by Kirn and the properties of the coal have been used to predict the methane content and these were compared with the measured values by the direct method.
Keywords: Environmental control, Ventilation, Methane, Coal seams, Greenhills Mine