Practical Applications of Recently Improved Pit Slope Design Procedures at Schefferville

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 797, 1978

O.P. Garg, Superintendent of Engineering, Iron Ore Company of Canada, and J.W. Devon, formerly with Iron Ore Company of Canada, Schefferville, Quebec (Mr. Devon is now with Syncrude Canada Ltd., Edmonton)

Based on improved methods of collection and analysis of geotechnical data, slope angles have been steepened in some mines of the Iron Ore Company of Canada at Schefferville, Quebec. This paper describes the slope design case history for Fleming No. 3 mine and illustrates the application of modern techniques. The new design has resulted in significant financial savings due to a reduction in required waste stripping.
Keywords: Open-pit operations, Pit slopes, Schefferville, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Fleming Mine, Joint analysis, Slope analysis, Hoek, Morgenstern-Price, Geotechnical data.