Practical Applications of Hopper and Bin Design

CIM Bulletin, 1970

H. COLIJN, Consulting Engineer, Transportation and Bulk Handling Systems, Monroeville, Pa. P. D. HANSON, Design Engineer, DRAVO Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa

New procedures and techniques are now available for the design of bulk storage bins. These new methods have essentially eliminated guesswork in the gravity flow of bulk solids, and have provided a sound basis for the quantitative analysis of alternate designs of hoppers and bins. This paper will discuss the practical application of the Solids Flow Theory (Jenike & Johanson) and illustrate the required design procedure with a few examples of actual bin operations.
Keywords: bituminous coal, bulk density, dolomite, silo, stainless steel, Capacity, Design, flow, Materials, Process, Processes, Slopes, STEPS, Storage