Potential For the Occurrence Of Sedimentary Sulphur Deposits In Northeastern British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 787, 1977

V. F. Hollister, Manager, Canadian Exploration, Duval International Corporation, Vancouver, B.C.

Four conditions are commonly accepted as being needed for the development of native sulphur deposits in sedimentary rocks: (1) ample sulphate-bearing evaporite, normally hydrostatic; (2) proximity to petroleum deposits; (3) a hydrodynamic system of communication between these two; (4) a stratigraphic or structural trap to prevent escape of the sulphur and sulphur-bearing reaction products. When any of these requisites are absent, apparently no significant residual bio-epigenetic sulphur deposit will form. These requirements are, however, satisfied in some areas, which include both the Triassic and Devonian evaporites of northeastern British Columbia.
Keywords: Sulphur, Industrial minerals, Sedimentary sulphur, British Columbia, Geochemistry, Stratigraphy.