Planning and Scheduling of Maintenance Work at the Milliken Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1963


This paper covers the application of a systematic maintenance plan by t he Plant Engineering Department of Rio Algom Mines Limited, Milliken Division. The plan established the function of work study, developed and installed formal work planning and labour cost control procedures, and extended the existing preventive maintenance routines. In June, 1961, assisted by management consultants, a more scientific approach to maintenance was instituted. The emphasis was placed on the control of labour. The development and application of the primary control system was established within six months. Since then, the Department has operated for a year, consolidating the system. The procedure of the installation, the results achieved and the results to be expected will be discussed.
Keywords: ammonium diuranate, Labour Cost Control Report, Milliken Mine --Organization Chart (January, preventive maintenance, work study, Control, Cost, Costs, Labour, Maintenance, Mine, Mines, Reports