Planning and Operation of Gaseous Mines

CIM Bulletin, 1973

A. J. HARGRAVES, Australian Iron and Steel Pty. Ltd., Wollongong, Australia

It is difficult to quantify comparatively the gassiness of a property. The most common index to gassiness, cubic feet of gas per ton of coal mined, is very arbitrary and does not take into account the geological setting nor the mining operation. The gassiness of a virgin coal in situ can be assessed, but no method is precise and the most accurate methods involve prolonged field and laboratory experiments. In general, gassiness increases with depth. Whereas 'gas' normally implies methane, other gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. may be present in seam gas also. The inflammability of methane is a problem, particularly the explosibility of a methane-air mixture; also oxygen dilution is involved in high gas concentrations and some gases are poisonous even in low concentrations.
Keywords: Air, Coal, GASES Coal, longwall, Metamorphism, methane, National Coal Board, Mine, Mines, mining, pillar, Pillars, Pressure, Ventilation