Planning and Development of the Lake Dufault Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1966

J. R. Smith Manager, Lake Dufault Mines Ltd., Noranda, Que

The Lake Dufault orebodies were discovered by deep surface diamond drilling. When a reasonable amount of outline drilling had been completed, the decision to go into production was made. The fact that shaft sinking, lateral development, the detailing of the orebodies and stope preparation were to be carried out as rapidly as possible necessitated very close scheduling. After a study of varions possible mining methods, an open-stoping system using long-hole blasting was chosen. Diesel-powered Transloaders were selected for the mucking and transportation of ore from the drawpoints to the orepass. At the time of writing, the choice of mining method appears to have been fully justified, although more time will be required to arrive at true operating costs and efficiencies.
Keywords: blasting, Development, Developments, diamond drilling, headframe, ore, stopes, ton, Mine, Mines, Ores, Shafts, Systems