Pilot plant study on improved electrostatic precipitation of copper converter dust

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 877, 1985

C.H. THE, Research Engineer, Noranda Research Centre Pointe Claire, Quebec and L LAMOTHE, Senior Smelter Metallurgist - Development Noranda Inc., Division Home Noranda, Quebec

Pilot precipitator tests were conducted at Noranda's Home Smelter in late 1978 to evaluate methods of improving converter dust collection efficiency. About 35 Nm3/min. of converier off-gas were isokinetically diverted from the converter flue to the pilot precipitator leased from Flakt (Canada) Ltd., consisting of three fields, one transformer-rectifier set per field and 77-m2 total collecting plate area. The effects of gas volume flow rate and conditioning the gas with sulphur trioxide and/or additional moisture were tested. It was found that gas flow rate and moisture level had the most pronounced effect on collection efficiency. Based on a techno-economic assessment of different options for improving converter Cottrell efficiency, waffle hoods and water sprays were installed on the converters to reduce air infiltration and increase the moisture level in the gas.
Keywords: Non-ferrous pyrometallurgy, Electrostatic precipitators, Converter dust, Dust emission, Air infiltration, Home smelter, Waffle hoods, Noranda Inc.