Pilot Plant Investigations on Cold Water Separation of Bitumen from Alberta Bituminous Sands

CIM Bulletin, 1952


F OR MANY YEARS the immense deposits of bituminous sands of northern Alberta have been attracting the attention of our governments, engineers and .scientists ( 6). Undoubtedly these bituminous sands represent one of the greatest potential resources of liquid fuels in the world. However, their commercial development has been retarded by the complexities of the technological problem and by the economic factors involved in the processing of the sands. The technological problem has been attacked from several angles ( 2, 3, 1, 11), and cold water separation of bitumen is one of them.
Keywords: Alberta, bituminous, Kerosene added ., ore dressing, Thickeners ., bitumen, Classifiers, Mill, Mills, Oil, Oils, pebbles, Sand, Thickeners