Pilot-Plant Facilities for Hydraulic Transport of Solids

CIM Bulletin, 1973

L. G. SMITH, W. SCHRIEK and W. H. W. HUSBAND, Engineering Division, Saskatchewan Research Council, Saskatoon, Sask. C. A. SHOOK, Dept. of Chemistry & Clinical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask

The flow of slurries in pipelines is governed by many variables, and the study of the influence of each of these variables is difficult, if not impossible, in some cases. Many correlations are available which fit data within a given range. However, no one method is yet available to design a slurry pipeline for all desired conditions without at least some physical measurements on the slurry itself. For this reason, the slurry pipeline facilities at the Saskatchewan Research Council have been developed during the past 12 years and it is hoped that the development will continue until the process is thoroughly understood and test facilities are no longer necessary. This paper outlines methods currently used and under development at the Saskatchewan Research Council for measurement, control and study of the variables governing the flow of slurries.
Keywords: Density, flow, Pipeline, Pipelines, Pump, Pumps, Research, Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Research Council, Slurry Pipeline Research Information Circular, specific gravity, University of Saskatchewan, Slurry