Performance of On-Stream Analyzers At Outokumpu Concentrators, Finland

CIM Bulletin, 1973

TAPIO LESKINEN and JOUKO KOSKINEN,Research Engineers, Outokumpu Oy, Tapiola, Finland; SEPPO LAPPALAINEN, Mill Superintendent, Vihanti Mine, Outokumpu Oy, Lampinsaari, Finland; TIMO NllTTI, Mill Superintendent, Outokumpu Mine, Outokumpu Oy, Outokumpu, Finland; PENTTI VANNINEN, Assistant Mill Superintendent, Pyhasalmi Mine, Outokumpu Oy, Pyhakumpu, Finland

The Courier 300 on-stream analysis system manufactured by Outokumpu has now been in operation at five of the company's concentration plants long enough to give a reliable basis for closer examination of the benefits achieved in control of these processes. The first system was installed at the Pyhiisalmi mine at the end of 1967. Since November 1970, two analyzers have been in operation at Pyhiisalmi feeding the assay data to a process computer which controls the whole plant and does the optimization of the process. In October 1970 the Courier 300 analysis system was installed at the Keretti concentrator of the Outokumpu mine, followed soon by installations at the Vihanti Mine in May 1971, at the new Vuonos mine in November J 971and at the Kotalahti mine in December 1971.
Keywords: analysis, Concentrator, Concentrators, copper, copper, metric ton, Outokumpu, Finland, Vihanti Concentrator, zinc, Process, Processes, Systems