Performance management— an implementation process

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 932, 1989

B.L DOREY, The Rydberg Levy Group Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia

Performance management is a systematic, practical approach to managing people. It is founded on some basic assumptions about people and is designed to focus on people in the work place. Organizing meaningful information and using it to involve people is a cornerstone of this system. Some common sense practices are developed to involve people in an organization's effort to improve performance. The successful implementation of this program requires solid commitment and total involvement from all levels of supervision and employees for maximum results and lasting impact. All levels of supervision participate in training sessions to tailor the systems for implementation in their areas. This style of management is data-oriented and the bottom line of success is to measurably improve performance.
Keywords: Human resources, Performance management, Performance indicators, Behaviours.