Peat Moss - A Natural Adsorbing Agent for the Treatment of Polluted Water

CIM Bulletin, 1971

VAN QUACH TINH, R. LEBLANC and J. M. JANSSENS, Chemical Engineering Section; M. RUEL, Professor, Chemical Engineering Section, University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, P.Q.

Microscopic studies of peat moss indicate a highly porous material. In view of using this natural product as an adsorbing agent for the treatment of polluted water, studies of its adsorbing power for beef extract and alkyl benzene sulphonate solution were determined. The effects of time of contact, particle size, concentration of adsorbent and concentration of pollutant were studied. In the case of beef extract, there is a COD reduction of around 27 per cent; in the case of the alkyl benzene s ul phonate, t he percentage reduction varied from 72 to 95 per cent. A water treatment plant based on the adsorbing power of peat moss with simultaneous recuperation of the pollutant is proposed.
Keywords: activated charcoal, adsorption, beef extract, Peat Moss, University of Sherbrooke., Adsorption, Capacity, Chemicals, Coal, Concentration, Materials, Particle size, Peat moss, Water, Waters