Paleomagnetic Study of the Coronation Mine Area

CIM Bulletin, 1965

Zoltan Hajnal The California Standard Company, Calgary, Alberta

Magnetic studies have been carried out on 88 surface and 157 underground samples from the Coronation Mine area of northern Saskatchewan. The intensity of t he surface samples was compared to trace element determinations from the same locality. A good correlation was found between the titaniferous constituent of the rocks and the intensity of magnetization. From the direction. of the remanent magnetism, two virtual geomagnetic poles were determined - latitude 12° 54' North, longitude 158° 17' West; and latitude 23 ° 42' North, longitude 163° 45' West. The sulphide ore specimens showed anisotropic susceptibility characteristics. A relationship was found between the measured maximum susceptibility values of the ore specimens and the direction of the tectonic forces which are considered to have formed the structure at the Coronation mine.
Keywords: Magnetization, Mine, Mines, Ore, Ores, Paleomagnetic, peridotite, Precambrian, Regina, Saskatchewan, shear zone, Rock, Rocks, Value