Overview of overburden removal at Syncrude Canada Ltd.

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 851, 1983

J.E.C. CARTER Assistant General Manager, Mine Production, Y.P. MALHOTRA, Supervisor, Overburden Engineering Syncrude Canada Ltd. Fort McMurray, Alberta

Syncrude's overburden removal requirement ranges from 20 million to 30 million bank cubic metres per year to meet tar-sand demands for the production of 129,000 barrels of synthetic crude oil per day. The economic tar-sand lies beneath a variable thickness of overburden materials, composed of silts, clays, some sands of lacustrine origin, wind-deposited sand dunes, and out-wash sands and gravels. For the removal of overburden, Syncrude commissioned its own mobile equipment fleet in January 1981. This fleet consists of two Demag 241 hydraulic shovels, ten Titan 33-1 SB trucks and support equipment. Prior to this, all overburden removal was being carried out by contractors. This paper presents an overview of overburden removal at Syncrude, with particular reference to the performance of its own fleet.
Keywords: Open-pit mining, Syncrude Canada Ltd., Overburden removal, Syncrude Process, Waste disposal, Equipment maintenance, Training.