Origin of the Soft Iron Ores of the Knob Lake Range

CIM Bulletin, 1961

THE iron deposits of central Labrador occur within a relatively small area, herein called the Knob Lake Iron Range, in which a northwest-trending series of low hills and ridges defines the l1eightof- land at the boundary between provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland. Approximately two-thirds of the deposits are in Quebec and the remainder in Labrador, with several deposits straddling the inter-provincial boundary. These deposits are being exploited in open-pit mines by the Iron Ore Company of Canada centered at Schefferville, Quebec. Since 1954 this company has produced more than 56 million tons of iron ore to become Canada's leading iron ore producer. With indicated reserves of more than 375 million tons of direct- shipping ore and large tonnages ot iron formation amenable to beneficiation, this mining district is assured of a long life
Keywords: formation, goethite, Hematite., magnetite, Main Ore Zone, syncline, Iron formation, Mine, Mines, Ore, Ores, Rock, Rocks