Orepass Related Operational Problems in Quebec Underground Mines


John Hadjigeorgiou, Pascal Turcotte,

The performance of ore pass systems has a significant contribution to the economics of underground mines. One major concern in most underground mines is the occurrence of hang-ups within the orepass resulting in materials handling problems. Another frequent problem encountered is the degradation of orepass walls, which can be the result of several factors including structural failures in the walls, stress induced sloughing of the walls or excessive wear caused by the ore flow. The rate of degradation has been shown to vary widely from site to site. In extreme cases, excessive wall damages has resulted in ore passes to be abandoned as early as 6 months after initial commissioning. A comprehensive study of orepass problems in Quebec underground mines has allowed for an analysis of existing problems as well as the performance of remedial factors.
Keywords: stress induced sloughing, Orepass, Degradation, hang-ups, structural failure