Ore-Unloading Wharf and Stockpiling System at Dosco Steel Limited, Sydney, N.S.

CIM Bulletin, 1968

F. S. THURNER, Supervising Engineer, Materials Handling Department, Foundation of Canada Engineering Corporation Ltd., Montreal, Que.

This paper, a description of the new ore-unloading and stockpiling facilities at the Sydney Works of DOSCO Steel Limited, deals with a new approach to arrive at the most economical solution to combine ore unloading facilities for common bulk carriers and for different types of self-unloading vessels. Also discussed is the design and installation of a 1-mile-long steel-cord belt conveyor system with a most modern type of mobile belt conveyor stacker, along with automatic and semi-automatic controls for the entire ship-unloading and stockpiling operations
Keywords: Canada, conveyors, iron ore, START WHARF, Sydney, conveyors, Design, Projects, Stackers, steel, Steels, Systems