Optimum Design of Open-Pit Mines

CIM Bulletin, 1965

Helmut Lerchs Manager of Scientific Services, Montreal Datacentre, International Business Machines Co. Ltd., lngo F. Grossmann Manager, Management Science Applications, International Business Machines Co. Ltd.

An open-pit mining operation can be viewed as a process by which the open surface of a mine is continuously deformed. The planning of a mining program involves the design of the final shape of this open surface. The approach developed in this paper is based. On the following assumptions: 1. the type of material, its mine value and its extraction cost is given for each point; 2. restrictions on the geometry of the pit are specified (surface boundaries and maximum allowable wall slopes); 3. the objective is to maximize total profit - total mine value of material extracted minus total extraction cost. Two numeric methods are proposed: A simple dynamic programming algorithm for the two-dimensional pit (or a single vertical section of a mine), and. a more elaborate graph algorithm for the general three-d1mens1onal pit.
Keywords: Algorithm, Algorithms, Contour, Cost, Costs, directed graph, dynamic programming, graph algorithm, open-pit, vertices, mining, Ore, Ores, Pits