Optimised Payloads and Increased Trucking Factors with Volume Scanning


Carey West, Loadscan

In this session Loadscan’s managing director, Carey West, will explain how load volume scanning (LVS) systems are revolutionising payload management. Hear first-hand how volume scanners are being deployed in mines around the globe to increase trucking factors, reveal true shift tallies, monitor carry-back, and boost overall productivity. You’ll be shown real results from a Loadscan install on an underground mine in New South Wales, Australia. From the case study of Aeris Resources’ Tritton Copper Mine, you’ll see how the implementation of volume scanning technology has directly impacted trucking factors and provided impressive, immediate ROI. You’ll see how paper records have been replaced with a more accurate automated scanning system. You’ll hear how Tritton’s previous issues with forward compatibility (due to trucking fleet and weighing system upgrades) have been eliminated, the LVS measures all their underground trucks and includes integrated software that’s powerful and intuitive with latest results from Tritton’s trial of Loadscan LoadTrak units. Loadscan is a major productivity enhancer. It saves time and money not only in live operations but also in install cost and ongoing maintenance. The non-contact nature of scanners means routine maintenance and constant calibration are things of the past (installed and operating within a couple of hours). Loadscan is improving sustainability outcomes by enabling mines to lower cost per tonne of ore hauled – thanks to increased trucking factors achieved via 3D images for loader operator training and optimized loading. This technology also aids in conflict resolution by proving impartial information to end arguments between milling and haulage departments (or trucking contractor).   Carey West is well placed to describe advances in load volume scanning. The technology was originally pioneered by his father, the late Wayne West, two decades ago and today Loadscan are the clear market leaders in volumetric measurement systems.