Operations minières et concentration du minerai du lac Fire de Sidbec-Normines

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 806, 1979

MARCEL ALLARD Gerant - Service minier, WAN ROUX Superviseur minier

On January 1st, 1977, SIDBEC-NORMINES INC. purchased from Quebec Cartier Mining Company various facilities located at Gagnon and Lac Jeannine together with the Fire Lake deposit. At the same time, SIDBEC-NORMINES started its mining operations at Fire Lake, 83 km northeast of Gagnon.The paper summarizes the various adjustments which were necessary to satisfy the new production conditions, such as the physical and mechanical properties of the ore at Fire Lake, and the new crushing and loading installations at the mine, together with the transport of some 14 million tons of crude ore to the Lac Jeannine concentrator about 100 km away, and finally to achieve satisfactory recovery from the Fire Lake ore.In addition, mention is made of the manpower organization, in which Quebec Cartier Mining Company plays an important role as manager of operations and owner of the railroad linking the mining operations to the pelletizing operations at Port-Cartier.