Operation of the Creighton Mill

CIM Bulletin, 1952


COMMENCEMENT of operations at the new No. 7 shaft and 10,000-ton mill at Creighton mine was a major step in the programme of conversion to all-underground mining by the International Nickel Company of Canada, Limited. Planned ten years ago, the orderly transition has been greatly speeded-up to offset the heavy drain on production imposed 'by World War II and also to meet the increased demand for nickel caused by the current international situation. Development of new mining methods, and process changes in the reduction plants, have made possible the economic recovery and utilization of ore of lower grade than formerly used and of varying metallurgical characteristics. By J 953, when the Company's open-pit mining operations are scheduled for completion, the hoisting capacity of its five underground mines in the Sudbury district will l1ave been increased to 13,000,000 tons per year, compared with 5,700,000 tons of underground ore hoisted in 1950.
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