Operation of the Boliden Lead Kaldo Plant for treatment of lead-bearing dust

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 817, 1980

PER-LENNART NYSTEDT, Boliden Metall AB Skelleftehamn, Sweden

The Boliden Lead Kaldo Plant for the treatment of lead-bearing flue-dust from the Copper Smelter and the Slag Fuming Plant has been in operation at the Ronnskar Works of Boliden Metall since the middle of 1976. At the present stage, the plant can treat lead-bearing dust of different kinds and compositions. The process allows good separation of arsenic and halogens from lead.The flue dust from the Copper Smelter and the Slag Fuming Plant is very complex and, apart from lead, also contains zinc, copper, tin, bismuth, cadmium, antimony, arsenic, sulphur, silver, chlorine and fluorine. The metallurgical process has been developed by Boliden Metall and has been tested on a pilot scale at the Foundation for Metallurgical Research (MEFOS) in Lulea, Sweden.The pelletized dust is smelted in the converter, where the heat is generated by an oil oxygen burner. The second step consists of reduction with coke. A lead bullion and slag are obtained. The slag, transported in liquid form, is treated in the Slag Fuming Plant for the recovery of zinc. The third step is the elimination of arsenic from the bullion. This is achieved by treating the lead with iron (turnings or pellets). The result is a crude lead and speiss. The lead contains silver, tin, antimony and bismuth, and is suitable for the final refining stages in normal plant equipment for refined lead.For process control, we use the rapid analysis centre, which is pneumatically and electronically linked to all major plant sections and allows for a quick turn-around between delivery of the sample and feedback of results. All three steps in the process are performed in the same converter.Since the starting up of the plant, the original process has been subjected to some modifications. Initial problems related to equipment, maintenance and environment have been solved step by step. Examples are quoted. Recent operating particulars are presented.
Keywords: Pyrometallurgy, Non-ferrous pyrometallurgy, Boliden lead plant, Kaldo plant. Flue dust, Slag fuming, Copper smelting, Lead smelting, Dust treatment, Ventilation.