Operation of a gold extraction circuit for recovery of gold from uranium mill tailings at Cluff Lake, Saskatchewan

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 931, 1989

L.A. Melis, Melis Engineering Ltd. J.W. Rowson, Cluff Mining

Cluff Mining has successfully operated a gold recovery plant at its Cluff Lake operation in northern Saskatchewan to recover gold from Phase 1 uranium leach tailings. The operating circuit consists of tailings repulping, grinding, cyanidation, carbon-in-pulp, gold recovery, and cyanide destruction by acidification, volatilization and re-neutralization. The process is described and operating data and metallurgical results from the operation are provided.
Keywords: Mineral processing, Gold recovery, Gold refining, Cluff Lake operation, Uranium leach tailings, Metallurgy, Cyanide recovery.