Open-Pit of Mining Canada by the at Knob Iron Lake, Ore Company Quebec

CIM Bulletin, 1958

THE DEVELOPMENT by the Iron Ore Company of Canada of the Quebec-Labrador mining project, which eventually led to Ore in 1954', involved, from the start, several distinct undertakings. Among them, the most important were: The construction of a 360-mile railway, linking Knob Lake with Seven Islands The erection of 11 railway terminal, and harbour facilities, at Seven Islands itself The building of an entire townsite at Schefferville (formerly Knob Lake) The construction of two hydroelectric plants; and, finally, The development of a sufficient number of orebodies to enable a production of IO to 15 million tons of ore a year.
Keywords: ammonium nitrate, fuel oil, Main Ore Zone, Quebec, Schefferville, Mine, Mines, Operation, Ore, Ores, Pits, Plants, shovel