Ontario's experimental plant for resource recovery

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 789, 1978

B. I. Boyko, Manager,Technology and Market Development, Resource Recovery Branch, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Toronto, Ont.

As part of the Ministry of the Environment's Resource Recovery Program, the Province of Ontario has constructed a $13 million "Experimental Plant for Resource Recovery" in Metropolitan Toronto. The technology and unit operations involved in the processing of municipal solid wastes at a rate of 40 tons per hour at this facility are reviewed. Shredding, air separation and classification, screening, magnetic separation and composting are some of the operations featured at this plant. Recoverable commodities expected include paper, ferrous metals, an air-classified light fraction (shredded paper and film plastic), glass and compost. Existing and potential markets for these materials are discussed.
Keywords: Industrial minerals, Resource recovery, Ontario, Waste management, Land use, Energy, Environmental control.