On-line computer applications in mineral processing

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 878, 1985

MICHEL GARON, Mill Superintendent, Mines Gaspe Division, Noranda Mines Inc.

Several years ago computer control of the flotation process was successfully implemented at the Matagami concentrator of Noranda Mines Inc. At that time this was the first computer application being installed at this operation. The last few years have seen an extensive use of programmable controllers in areas such as the copper and zinc dewater-ing circuits and the lime preparation system. With the aid of such instruments, these areas have attained a high level of automation and as a result, a high degree of efficiency. The controllers have proven to be very dependable and easy to use.
Keywords: Computer applications, Mineral processing, Flotation, Process control, Concentrator, Automation, Copper dewatering, Zinc dewatering, Lime preparation.