On Education and the Shortage of T echnical and Scientific Manpower

CIM Bulletin, 1958


A STATEMENT on this subject by A. D. Turnbull, presented and discussed at the Annual Business Conference of the Metallurgy Division, C.I.M., held in Ottawa on April 22nd 1957, led to creation of a oemmittee "too see if the Metallurgy Division of the C.I.M. can improve this situation". Without discounting the general problems of education and shortages in otber fields, the committee is primarily concerned with deficiencies related to metallurgy. The committee members are: F. R. Archibald, Chairman, A. D. Turnbull, L. E. Djingheuzian, J. U. MacEwan, and L. M. Pidgeon. Foll<>wing exchange of views among the committee members a general ~ttitude of approach was established and a background of reference material assembled. It is the purpose of this review to acquaint those interested with the reference material, to offer an appraisal of the situation, and to suggest a programme for action by the Metallurgy Division of the C.I.M
Keywords: Canada, Canada, metallurgical, Metallurgy, Ottawa, supply and demand, Canadian, Education, Engineering, Engineers, Information, Labour, Manpower, Metallurgy