Oil and Gas Possibilities in Western Canada

CIM Bulletin, 1949


SINCE the discovery of a major oil pool at Leduc, Alberta, on February 13th, 1947, the long spell of 'oil drought' in Western Canada is now being turned into an oil and gas flood which requires immediate action to obtain the optimum economic benefits. The Woodbend, Section 9, and Okalta extensions of the Leduc field itself have been established; the Redwater pool, lying thirty-seven miles northeast of Edmonton, has been discovered and is being drilled up, and the Imperial Schoepp No. 1 or Golden Spike discovery holds promise of something phenomenal in view of the 500 feet of oil-saturated coral-reef porosity whose areal extent is not known. Imperial Stanolind Barrhead No. 1, northwest of Edmonton, revealed the presence of oil in the Madison, and just recently Gulf N.J.
Keywords: Alberta, Canada, Elk Point, Alberta, Middle Devonian, sedimentary basin, Western Canada, Discovery, limestone, Oil, Oils, Reefs, Reserves, Rock, Rocks, Western Canada