Oil and Gas in Southwestern Ontario

CIM Bulletin, 1961

The renewed interest of the past few years in the Appalachian and Michigan oil provinces has not, as yet, created any marked increase in activity in Southwestern Ontario. During 1960 development drilling increased somewhat over 1959, but exploratory drilling decreased slightly. More attention was devoted to the dee]Yer horizons, but lake drilling decreased considerably. Oil production reached a new peak and gas production increased slightly. During 1960 an interesting oil and gas discovery was made in the Cambrian and gas discoveries six miles off-shore in the eastern part of Lake Erie were made in the Clinton-Cataract zone of the Silurian. This paper reviews activities during 1960, summarizes the discoveries made to-date and the pertinent exploration data relating to the prospects of the region and discusses sorne of the economie aspects of exploration and development.
Keywords: Development, Developments, Discovery, dolomitized, Lake Erie, Ordovician, Silurian, Southwestern Ontario, exploration, Oil, Oils, Ontario, Production, Wells