Occupational Health and Safety In Metallurgical Plants

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 794, 1978

John C. Taylor, P.Eng., Metallurgical Consulting Engineer, Jan H. Reimers and Associates Ltd., Oakville, Ontario

A resource document, prepared for the Royal Commission on the Health and Safety of Workers in Mines, which outlines aspects of occupational health and safety in the Canadian metallurgical industry has been expanded to provide examples of some practical solutions. General process descriptions are provided in conjunction with some of the major potential hazards associated with each step. Emissions to the working environment, particularly around converters, are discussed. Newer metallurgical processes, the role of automation and other advances in the metallurgical industry are described with respect to their impact on the work place. The role of staff and unit employees in providing safe working conditions in the complex metallurgical plant of today is outlined and the need for close cooperation within the human sector emphasized. The technology is available and is being applied to integrate the complex process requirements with realistic regulations to control emissions and provide a safe, healthy environment in metallurgical plants.
Keywords: Occupational health, Safety, Metallurgical plants, Converters, Automation, Crushing, Grinding, Concentration, Smelting, Refining, Casting, Smelter emissions, Ventilation.