Observed Detonation Pressures of Blasting Agents

CIM Bulletin, 1961

Measured detonation pressures of "prills and oil" (94 / 6 ammonium nitrate / fuel oil) and three of the new "slurry" blasting agents are presented and compared with computed, ideal detonation pressures and with detonation pressures expected from the measured detonation velocities. Results seem to show that the peak pressure in the detonation wave in these cases is the Chapman-Jouguet pressure and that no "spike" exists in these detonation waves. The absence of the Zeldovich-von Neumann "spike" is noteworthy in view of the very long reaction zone lengths of these mixtures. The measured detonation pressure of one of the slurry blasting agents (DBA-3") under steel confinement ( 172 kilo bars) is shown to be considerably greater than the ideal detonation pressure of 75 per cent gelatin dynamite (p. = 135 kilobars) despite the fact that the detonation was still somewhat non-ideal in "DBA-3," its computed ideal detonation pressure being 180 kb. The popular 94 /b AN / FO blasting agent exhibited a detonation pressure of only 13.5 kb in 5" paper tubes, but 37.5 kb in 5"• steel pipe compared with a computed ideal pressure of 40 kb
Keywords: ammonium nitrate, aquarium, detonation velocity, shock wave, streak camera, blasting, Explosives, Pressure, Shock, steel, Steels, test, waves