Novel Metallographic Techniques, Particularly as Applied to the Study of Aluminum

CIM Bulletin, 1962

. Metallographic techniques, developed from studies of corrosion films a~d electroplated coatings on alummum alloys, are discussed. These methods, the result of work at the Naval Research Establi.shment, give extremely flat fields at the interface despite the large difference in hard~ ~es;S, in cases where electrolytic polIShmg could not be used. Techniques to overcome the similarity in refractiv_ e index of immersion oil, aluminum oxide, and mounting plastic are also considered, as are methods for improving visual and photographic contrast in areas of interest. A device for marking specimens is also described
Keywords: Aluminum, aluminum, corrosion, Forest Park, Illinois, immersion oil, refractive indices, copper, Corrosion, Diamond, Diamonds, Oxide, Plastics, Separation, Waters