Nordic Ventilation System and Regulation: An overview


Adrian Halim, Luleå University of Technology; Tomas Bolsoy, EOL Vent Mining AB; Stina Klemo, Luossavaara Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag - LKAB

This paper describes the ventilation system that is used in underground hard rock mines in Sweden and Finland, which is different than the system used in other major mining countries such as Australia, Canada, South Africa, and USA. New European Union (EU) regulations on gas levels are going to be introduced within the next five years which is more stringent than the current regulations. In some mines radon is also an issue. The systems utilize both push/pull primary fans as well as auxiliary fans with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to distribute primary airflow to working levels, instead of louvre regulators that are commonly used in other countries. Unlike in Australia and Canada, there are no limits on how much air is needed per kW diesel power. The regulations only require mines to comply with TLV-TWA of atmospheric contaminants, which are gases and dust. These reasons make the Ventilation on Demand (VOD) control system simpler and more energy-efficient. Case studies of mines in Sweden and Finland are presented in this paper.