Noise Control at the Sullivan Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1964

J. W. Reynolds

. Cominco began investigations about ten years ago relative to noise abatement in underground operations. As a result of intensive research, this study has advanced so that the practice now has wide application. Automotive mufflers are used on vane-ty pe blasthole diamond drills. Exhaust hoses are attached to longhole percussion drills. Hand-held drills, such as airlegs and stopers, are equipped with mufflers which are either part of the drill, as received from the manufacturer, or are light rubber devices developed, fabricated and installed by Cominco. Ear defenders are in general use. The paper reviews details of practices employed, and assesses the success achieved.
Keywords: Applications, Drill, Drills, Exhausts, Mufflers, mufflers, noise control, percussion, underground operations, Noise, Percussion drills, Rubber, Stopers, Sullivan Mine