Noise attenuation with exhaust after treatment systems on a scooptram at Falconbridge's Strathcona Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 79, No. 891, 1986

M.U. SAVICH, Research Scientist, Elliot Lake Laboratory, CANMET, Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, Elliot Lake, Ontario, and J.K. WEGLO Director, Environmental Control, Falconbridge Ltd. Falconbridge, Ontario

The measurement and evaluation of the noise emanating from an ST4A scoop-tram in an underground slope under a simulated work cycle, and under three conditions of after-treatment systems is covered. These include scooptram without muffler or filter (bare engine), an in-line small filter, compared to a larger filter, and the larger filter with an in-line muffler in series with fume diluter, which were tested under three engine operating conditions—IDLE, wide open throttle (W. O. T.), and working condition. This is load, short haul and dump operation. The results showed an attenuation of the scooptram at work of 8 to 15 dBA, 16 cm from the exhaust pipe of the machine, to 4.8 dBA at the operator's ear. Recommendations are made to increase the attenuation at the operator's ear by additional improvement in design of the fume diluter.
Keywords: Noise control, Attenuation, Diesel engines, Scooptrams, Load-haul-dump machines, Underground mines, Fume diluters, Mufflers, Filters.