No. 6 Concentrator Operations at. Brunswick Mining and Smelting Corporation Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1971

R. T. ERSKINE, Plant Metallurgist, Brunswick Mining and Smelting Corporation Limited, Bathurst, N.B.

The No. 6 orebody is located 6 miles from the main op.eration of Brunswick Mining and Smelting Corporation Limited and includes open-pit and primary gyratory crushing facilities. Ore is transferred by truck to the secondary crushing facility at the main plant. About 3,500 tons of ore per day are crushed to minus in and ground to 68 per cent minus 400 mesh in rod and ball mills for flotation feed. Conditioning and aeration precede rougher flotation, and four stages of cleaning bring concentrates to a grade of 42 per cent Pb + Zn + Cu. Middling products are reground and refloated in a secondary flotation circuit, producing a cleaner feed and a final tails product. Primary bulk concentrate is treated with sulphur dioxide and steam-heated to l 70°F and the majority of the gangue is floated off, leaving a product that assays 57 per cent combined Pb + Zn + Cu and is suitable for marketing. This material is thickened, filtered, dried and loaded into railway cars for shipment to the smelter. Reagent use on flotation is conventional, with many compromises in dosage required to maintain the recovery of lead and zinc in the most advantageous proportions. Many refinements in the flowsheet have been made since start-up in 1966, and more may be made as laboratory and plant testwork indicate possible improvements.
Keywords: ball mill, copper, Ore Feed, sulphur, zinc, Cleaners, Concentrate, Concentrates, flotation, Mill, Ore, Ores, Roughers