Nickel Deposits in the Quill Creek and White River Areas, Yukon

CIM Bulletin, 1960


Nickel-copper sulphide deposits associated with basic rocks in the Quill Greek area and the White River area in the Yukon Territory have been studied and compared from the viewpoint of their general geology, structural geology, and the mineralogy of the ores. The relative amounts of the major constituents, magnesium, iron and calcium, and the minor constituents, nickel, cobalt and chromium have been determined spectrographically for two cross sections of the basic rocks at Quill Creek and one at White River. These data, along with petrologic and field evidence, were used to determine the sill and dyke-like character and nature of the basic intrusions. Loss on ignition is employed as a measure of the degree of serpentinization. The distribution determined shows that the serpentinization does not appear to have greatly influenced the inferred original distribution and lithophile associations of magnesium and nickel. The cobalt content may have been altered.
Keywords: Calcium, Cobalt, Dykes, gabbro, olivine, peridotite, serpentinization, White River, Intrusions, Iron, Magnesium, nickel, Rock, Rocks, Sills