Nickel-Chromium White Irons for Abrasion Service

CIM Bulletin, 1965

P. J. Provias Metallurgical Engineer, The International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd., Toronto, Ont.

White cast irons consist of a multitude of cast iron alloys. Although it is impossible to cover all salient features of these irons in a simplified, yet coherent, manner, nevertheless it is proposed to review some of the white cast irons and at the same time discuss the influence of alloying elements, heat treatments and microstructures.
Keywords: ....... Nickel .. ., austenite, Eutectic Nickei-Chromium Martensitic White Iron, iron carbide, Martensite, Cast iron, Casting, Castings, Hardness, Impact, Impacts, nickel, Temperature, Treatment, White irons