New developments in electromagnetic testing of wire rope

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 806, 1979

F. KITZINGER, Head, Instrumentation Department, Noranda Research Centre, Pointe Claire, Quebec, J. R. NAUD, Manager, Mining Division, Wire Rope Industries Ltd., Pointe Claire, Quebec

The development of a new wire rope tester incorporating Hall-effect devices to detect both loss of metallic area and broken wires with one instrument in a single testing operation is described. The extensive development had as one of its main objectives the desire to simplify the interpretation of the recorded traces of rope tests so as to broaden the utilization of the instrumentation and increase its value when used in conjunction with the usual visual examinations.
Keywords: Electromagnetic testing, Ropes, Wire rope, Nondestructive testing, Magnograph, Hall Effect, Hoist ropes.