New computer technologies and the future of mining at Highland Valley Copper

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 90, No. 1008, 1997

D. M. Richards, Highland Valley Copper, Logan Lake, British Columbia

The Highland Valley Copper partnership was formed in July 1986 as a logical result of a mine with a large ore reserve but a small mill, and a mine with a large, modern mill but dwindling ore reserves. The original partnership of Cominco and Rio Algom was expanded in January 1988 to include Highmont Mining Company. During 1988/89 the Highmont mill was moved 7.5 km to adjoin the Lornex mill, becoming the Highland mill in the process, with a nominal capacity of 130 000 tonnes per day. The mine is located near the town of Logan Lake, 220 km northeast of Vancouver, British Columbia and 55 km southwest of Kamloops. The map in Figure 1 shows the general area. Kamloops is a major service centre and is served by two railways, two major roads and a regional airport. The mine site is situated between 1200 m and 1600 m above sea level on the Thompson Plateau. Principle activities in the area, in addition to mining, are cattle ranching and forestry.
Keywords: Coal mining, Computer applications, Global Position Systems (GPS), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Highland Valley Copper, Technology.