Neutron Activation Methods for the Study of Multicomponent Diffusion and for the Determination of Thermodynamic Activities of Alloys

CIM Bulletin, 1961

.Activation analysis for copper and manganese in 10 mg samples machined from aluminum-base diffusion couples has been used in the study of ternary diffusion in the Al-Cu-Mn system. The accuracy, economy and convenience of the method are considered to be very competitive with other methods for analysis of such small samples. Neutron-activated aluminum-zinc alloys in the range from 10 per cent to 100 per cent zinc have been equilibrated with a known volume and the vapors subsequently condensed and collected. The vapor pressures relative to pure zinc (the thermodynamic activities) have been determined at 550 ° C' by recording the relative count of x-rays from Zn in the collected samples. The method is a sensitive one, although subject to serious obstacles to experimental accuracy.
Keywords: Alloys, Aluminum, copper, copper, Manganese and Silicon, McMaster University, thermal neutron, vapor pressure, Diffusion, Manganese, Pressure, Standards, Systems, zinc