Natural Gas - Energy for the Mining Industry

CIM Bulletin, 1966

Edmund C. Bovey President, Northern and Central Gas Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ont.

AS I begin my remarks this morning, please let me say how honoured and gratified I was to receive your invitation to address you here during your deliberations in historic Quebec City. The high esteem in which your Institute is held is reflected in the respect and deference accorded to it by industry across Canada. I feel privileged to be here with you today. I would like to discuss with you some applications of natural gas in the mining industry and suggest to you, in closing, some possible avenues of future development. Natural gas first became available for industrial purposes in Northern Ontario in late 1958.
Keywords: Air, carbon monoxide, heat exchanger, iron ore, natural gas, Northern Ontario, energy, Fuel, Fuels, Furnaces, Mining industry, Natural gas, Ontario, Plants