Monkman Coal Property, British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 850, 1983

E.A. SCHILLER, S.P. SANTIAGO and W.A. PLACHNER, Petro-Canada Exploration, Inc., Calgary, Alberta

The Monkman Coal Property is located in the Northeast Coal Block of British Columbia. It is divided into the Duke Mountain Block on the northeast and the Dip Slope on the west. Together, these areas cover 39,503 ha of coal licences. The property is underlain by Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous marine and continental sedimentary rocks. Economic coal measures are contained within the Gates Formation. Exploration of the property began in the early 1970s, with drilling commencing in 1975. To date, 255 holes have been drilled and nine adits have been driven to recover unoxidized coal samples. The property has a geological resource potential of 2.8 billion tonnes of medium and high-volatile bituminous coal. Medium-volatile bituminous reserves, totalling 68.9 million ROM tonnes at an over-all strip ratio of 6.3:1, have been identified in three pit areas in the Duke Mountain Block. Construction start-up will commence when sales contracts are arranged. The clean coal will be exported via the Ridley Island Terminal at Prince Rupert.
Keywords: Coal, Monkman deposit, British Columbia, Duke Mountain Block, Gates Formation, Exploration, Geology, Resources, Reserves.