Monitoring of radiation variables in the underground environment

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 832, 1981

J. BIGU Research Scientist and Radiation Project Leader, Elliot Lake Laboratory Mining Research Laboratories, CANMET Energy, Mines and Resources Canada

A review of instrumentation for the monitoring of radiation variables in the underground environment is presented. Several continuous monitoring systems, grab-sampling systems, personal dosimeters and time-integrating environmental monitors are discussed. The discussion is mostly restricted to instrumentation developed, used, tested or under contract by CANMET. The merits, disadvantages and main uses of the above instrumentation are indicated.The technical evaluations conducted by CANMET and the contracts awarded by CANMET to private industry are part of a long-term program and continuous effort aimed at evaluating and stimulating the development of advanced instrumentation for better environmental and personal monitoring.
Keywords: Radiation, Monitoring, Underground mining, Environmental control, Dosimeters, Radon gas, Air quality.