Modifications to the process gas handling system at Kidd Creek's copper smelter

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 87, No. 977, 1994

R.J. St. Eloi, C.J. Newman and G. Macfarlane, Falconbridge Limited, Kidd Creek Division, Timmins, Ontario

The Kidd Creek copper smelter has been expanded from its original design of 59 000 tonnes of copper per year to over 120 000 tonnes per year. Modifications to the process gas handling system and acid plant have been made to accommodate this higher production rate and, generally, to optimize the operation. The gas handling system associated with the continuous smelting process is discussed in terms of boiler accretions and modifications to minimize their impact on operations; design changes to effect reductions in high pressure drop duct configurations; material changes to overcome corrosion and plant additions to improve gas cleaning capability. The acid plant is reviewed with references to changes made to accommodate the increased SO2 gas strength resulting from the higher smelting rates.
Keywords: Metallurgy, Smelting, Process gas handling.