Modernization in Waterborne Coal Transportation

CIM Bulletin, 1965

J. A. Russell Chief Mechanical Engineer, Dominion Cool Company Limited, Sydney, Nova Scotia

This paper deals mainly with the modernization in the coal loading system at the loading piers of the Dominion Coal Company, Ltd., Sydney, Nova Scotia. The history of the operation is briefly outlined, and the construction of the Company's new pier is described in considerable detail. Particular attention is paid to the bins and conveyors, and to the loading tower. The paper concludes with a description of the S.S. Cape Breton Miner, built specifically for the coal trade, and the unloading facilities at Lakeview, Ontario.
Keywords: Chutes, Coal, Coal Company, conveyors, main belt, New Pier, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Construction, conveyors, Limited, Loading, Operation, Systems, Waters