Modern Welding Practices Used in the Manufacture of Strip Mining Equipment

CIM Bulletin, 1966

R. C. Becker General Supervisor, Welding Research, International Harvester Ca. Ltd., Chicago, Illinois

Welding is playing an important role in the manufacture of construction equipment as used in the mining industry. It provides design possibilities which are unique to this method of manufacture, and normally makes possible lighter weight but stronger products, which can be a definite advantage to a user. Welding is an industry that has experienced major developments over the past decade, all of which have improved our capability to make better welds and make them more economically. International Harvester Company has been introducing these newer welding methods into its manufacturing plants, particularly those producing construction equipment, just as fast as their value has been proven. This paper discusses how modern welding methods are contributing to the manufacture of strip mining equipment.
Keywords: Applications, carbon dioxide, strip mining, submerged arc welding, Welding of Payhauler Bodies., Equipment, Manufacturing, metals, Operation, Operators, Process, Processes, Welding