Modern Welded Pipe Processes

CIM Bulletin, 1964

A. Palynchuk Plant Manager, Alberto Phoenix Tube & Pipe Limited, Edmonton, Alto.

The development of welded pipe has paralleled the general industrial development and, in particular, that of the petroleum industry. The petroleum industry's need for high-grade, economical pipeline material to make many 'of its projects feasible has been a significant factor in the development of light-wall, high-grade welded pipe. The modern welding processes, such as high-frequency, electric resistance, flash, submerged arc, etc., have some basically different characteristics. The modern high-frequency weld mill is a complex of specialized equipment that is integrated into a production unit. Each component in the unit performs a specific function in the production process. Quality control must be built into the process on an operating basis and, to maintain the quality required for pipeline standards, must be more than a policing operation. The further development of the welded pipe industry will be determined by changing and increasing demands. The technical and economic views and requirements t hat will influence the development have to be resolved
Keywords: aluminum, brittle fracture, cold work, welding, yield strength, Pipe, Pipeline, Pipelines, Process, Processes, steel, Steels, stress, Welding